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TRE® – Tension & Trauma Release

TRE® is a, non-verbal, genetically encoded tremor (shaking) system that all human beings have. In fact every mammal on the planet has the same system. Have you ever seem a dog shiver and shake during a big thunder storm?? We humans have the same system. We humans can in fact heal ourselves.

Life Coaching

One-on-One personal coaching with me is about creation, finding more joy and peace, and having a life that just plain kicks ass!! To put it bluntly! I also must warn you we will do a lot of laughing too. :-)

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a key-note speaker? Do you want to motivate and inspire an audience? Tailored speaking engagements that will entertain as well as leave a lasting impact!

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More JOY, Less Shit !!

  Find more Joy…! How many ties have we heard that? Oh I’d say about 2 million in the last year.  It’s a catchy phrase when you are feeling it and it’s a kick in the nuts when life is squeezing you. One of the most amazingly simple things that I can share for seeking […]

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

“Stop trying to fix yourself” I realized a completely new reality the day those words took root. I’d heard, and said, them hundreds of times. For the last 3 years I have been doing life coaching and trauma releasing work for myself and others. And I want to share what I have learned. For nearly […]

Trauma rocks! No… Seriously.

Trauma + Vulnerability = FREEDOM This last few weeks, actually the last couple years, have been generous in asking me to step up, step in, and grow as a result of the above mentioned words. The most recent incarnation of myself was inspired by a rather shitty event that happened a few weeks ago and […]

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What people are saying about Darren

Darren has an accepting presence about him that allows you to be yourself and explore your thoughts without judgement. Very productive. Very empowering and yet, fun.


Darren Rocks!! Don’t miss an opportunity to grow with Darren!


When I interact with you in a session Darren, I feel loved, seen , and accepted. These qualities you have are SOOO longed for in the world today.

Shanna W

What comes to mind when I think of my experiences with Darren… He is very focused, has laser-sharp insight, and brings his life experience and wisdom.

Corey S

I’m happy HAPPY!! Thanks so much!

Amy P