More JOY, Less Shit !!

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  Find more Joy…! How many ties have we heard that? Oh I’d say about 2 million in the last year.  It’s a catchy phrase when you are feeling it and it’s a kick in the nuts when life is squeezing you. One of the most amazingly simple things that I can share for seeking […]

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

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“Stop trying to fix yourself” I realized a completely new reality the day those words took root. I’d heard, and said, them hundreds of times. For the last 3 years I have been doing life coaching and trauma releasing work for myself and others. And I want to share what I have learned. For nearly […]

Trauma rocks! No… Seriously.

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Trauma + Vulnerability = FREEDOM This last few weeks, actually the last couple years, have been generous in asking me to step up, step in, and grow as a result of the above mentioned words. The most recent incarnation of myself was inspired by a rather shitty event that happened a few weeks ago and […]

Beaten, Robbed, and better for it!

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Twelve days ago I was standing in the condo we rented in Peurto Vallarta, with new bruises forming, a very frightened head, and exhausted body. We were the victims of a home invasion at 6am, while sound asleep. My Husband and I awoke as 3 masked men made their way into our bedroom, began to […]

Commit for F*ck Sakes!!!

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Okay, I’m going to generalize here, but regardless, I think if you read on you will find yourself on one side or the other.  And if my words piss you off, take a moment and figure out why they bother you.  Do you think I’m wrong, or did I describe you?? I don’t exactly recall […]

Get outta your way !

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Have you ever been told that you need to get out of your own way?? I have said that to myself so many times I can’t begin to count.  I have recently been engaging a potential client and today I said those exact words about her.  I have history with this gal, so I can […]

Remembering Grandpa George

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As most of you that follow my blog know, I have taken a few weeks off.  Although desired, this wasn’t planned.  But sometimes life has other plans for you, and your ideal little schedule.  After a solid week of worrying and being frustrated at the “life” that was happening I decided to cut myself some […]

Love IS You

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This last couple weeks has been challenging and fulfilling. Two weeks ago, I took one of the biggest leaps of faith I had to date.  I shared my personal journey of drug addiction, recovery, and becoming a coach, to a room of nearly 40 people at a conference.  This left my heart expanded… and a […]