Live Like You Were Dying

Program Begins February 22, 2016

Do you ever sit back and take a look at the life you’ve created and think “Not too bad…but…”, and immediately know that you have done it all with about a 60% effort?   And then, do you wonder what could be possible with 80 or 90%, but never actually give it?

I’ve been there, and done that. I get it!

I work with underachieving superstars who secretly sabotage their own success because they are too fucking scared to claim it. I teach them to get out of their own way, so that they can shed their shame of mediocrity. Together we annihilate the excuses, kick fear in the ass, and get down to business with small super-achievable steps of accountability and action. All of this so that you can once and for all kick the “I’m too busy”, “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t know how” attitude that keeps you stuck in disappointment and envy.


  • Do you work harder on everyone else’s dream than your own?

  • Do you feel guilty and struggle with saying “No” to other people’s requests when you want nothing more than to do so?

  • Ever get super excited about something that lights you up, but quickly talk yourself out of it because you get too scared of what others might say or think, or worse… failing at it?

  • Do you cringe every time you say I can’t afford that, or I don’t have time, because in your heart you know it’s not completely true?

  • You know deep down that fear is the only thing holding you back.

When self-doubt, a crazy schedule, and negative thinking continue to plague you, nothing gets off the ground. However, when we have the support and guidance we deserve, and crave, ANYTHING is possible.

Are you ready to shift gears and make 2016 your year?


  • Imagine how you will feel when you put your best work into YOUR projects.

  • Think of the joy you’ll experience when you look around and know you really dug in and went for it… AND SUCCEEDED!!!!!

  • Consider what waking up each day feeling energized and inspired to go to work.

I created Live Like You Were Dying to take super-busy, richly talented and totally-scared-to-try people like you from mediocre to miraculous.

In twelve weeks, I will teach you how to unpack and claim your greatness and dedication through solid ongoing accountability and small digestible action steps. We will create and achieve goals to move you forward to trigger amazing personal and professional growth.


Package includes:

  • Twelve 45-minute private coaching sessions.

  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the program.

  • Six Private TRE (Tension and Trauma Release exercises) sessions led Via Skype or in person if possible.   You will learn TRE so that you can truly rest and relax when you need to recharge yourself.

  • Six group conference calls, dates and times TBA. (All group calls will be recorded so that you can listen to them at your convenience if you cannot attend live).

  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration (optional).


Ticket to ride is a one time payment of $997


3 Payments ($400, $350, $350)

Program begins February 22, 2016.

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