More JOY, Less Shit !!

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More JOY Less shit !

Find more Joy…!

How many ties have we heard that?

Oh I’d say about 2 million in the last year.  It’s a catchy phrase when you are feeling it and it’s a kick in the nuts when life is squeezing you.

One of the most amazingly simple things that I can share for seeking AND FINDING more joy and fun….

STOP eating shit pie.


Shit pie is all and any of those things that you force yourself to do that you think suck.

  • To-do list items that suck your energy like a vampire crossed with a shop-vac.
  • Spending time with people that make you wish your head could retract like a turtle’s.
  • Doing things that feel like pushing a boulder up an icy hill in greasy skis.
  • Saying yes to people when you desperately want to say FUCK NO!!!
  • Keeping busy when you are dying to take a rest or nap.
  • Numbing on social media
  • And any other thing that generally makes you feel like shit.

Even if you try to reward yourself or tell yourself that it’s not that bad, it still sucks, it still derails your integrity, and you still wish you hadn’t.

Shit pie with whip cream is still shit pie.

I say this often so that I don’t forget.

By the way it’s easy to forget when you’re hustling to get the 200th thing on your to-do list done, or when you are doing everything you can to look good in the face of the critical dicks in your life.

However, I promise you with certainty that when you forgo the shit pie life begins to shine in a whole new way.

Brené Brown, a shame researcher form Texas University in Huston says “Choose discomfort over resentment”.  In other words, be uncomfortable being honest in the moment of speaking your truth rather than be pissed off that you didn’t while you’re doing that thing you’d rather have not.

So here’s a few quick and easy one liners to get you out of a tight spot, and keep that shit pie on the buffet line for those less inclined to be free and happy.

  • Thanks so much for thinking of me, but I don’t have my calendar in front of me at the moment.  I’ll have to let you know.  *Important*  Reply back a day or two later, if you don’t you paint yourself with the asshole brush… That’s bad.  haha
  • I’d really rather not, I’m currently doing all that I feel capable of.
  • What a great offer, however my schedule just won’t allow for one more thing.
  • If I take on another thing I will need to hire a personal assistant; would you like a job?
  • No thanks, my heart isn’t in it. 
  • I only do things that feel like a hell yeah, and this feels like more straw on the horses back. 
  • I couldn’t do this with the level of integrity I require to be involved in something so I will have to decline.  But thanks for asking.  

Applying one of these above sentences even just once a week will leave you with enough time to have one hour a week to yourself.

If you already know what lights you up, AWESOME !  Choose it and go do it more in your newly found free time.

If you’re unclear, then use that familiar sense of knowing that something feels off or like a burden to move away from the shit pie.  In that space and quiet this will create, you’ll begin to get a glimpse of what feels like rest and play.

P.S. –  Rest and play feel like the most delicious moments of laughter, delight, and freedom.  They are unmistakable.

Shit pie… not so much.


D xoxo



One thought on “More JOY, Less Shit !!

  1. Hi Darren! “Shit pie with whip cream is still shit pie.” Hahahah love that and your suggestions are great — esp if I take on another task I’ll need to hire an assistant are you looking for a job!

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