Trauma rocks! No… Seriously.

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brown-vulnerabilityTrauma + Vulnerability = FREEDOM

This last few weeks, actually the last couple years, have been generous in asking me to step up, step in, and grow as a result of the above mentioned words.

The most recent incarnation of myself was inspired by a rather shitty event that happened a few weeks ago and caused us to end our Mexico vacation much sooner than we had planned.  What I did not plan for was that in ending my vacation in I was also ending my vacation from being a diminished version of who I am being called to be right now.

A strong willed warrior for men to claim their vulnerability and courage to be fully in this world.

One thing that has rung true for me my entire life, from the time I could speak until today, is that I have a voice that is meant to be heard.  Hell I even learned how to sing, and I am good.  :-)   I’m meant to cause people to think, feel, and in take action.  My voice and words are my tools, and at times my foundation for inspired action.

So today I want to explain the power and the relationship between vulnerability and trauma.

Trauma is meant to push us, sometimes to the edge, maybe even over, so that we can grow.

But here’s the thing, you only grow when you win.  And when I say win, I mean triumph in the battle to have your life return to a state of connection, coping, awareness, and knowing [after that] something amazing about your tenacity and courage that you CAN NOT un-know.

DISCLAIMER: You only get to the win through the road of vulnerability.

In my opinion vulnerability is pure courage.  You can not experience vulnerability with out the courage, and courage without vulnerability.  The two are so interconnected that I don’t know how you can separate them.

Trauma, given the opportunity, WILL make you a better-stronger-more capable person.  This I know with certainty, but you must face it.  Face the impact, the overwhelm, the grief, the loss, and finally the growth.  Opportunity is not always wrapped up in a nice tidy little package.   Sometimes it shows up in the way of chronic illness, being attacked, losing everything, claiming bankruptcy, addiction & recovery, and a zillion other shitty things that undoubtedly have silver linings when you look for them through the eyes of vulnerability, courage, and finally possibility.

So I challenge you to look [again] at the things that have pushed you to the edge of, or full on into a breakdown / run away mode.  Then ask yourself what and who might you be if you kicked the crap out of these issues ?  Who might you be if you didn’t stay defeated by the shame and struggle of something that brought you to your knees.  Pain is a teacher, and it will wait for you, quietly, usually patiently, until you’re able…ready to be with it.  And it can truly expand the light in your soul.

Let that glimmer of hope, that feeling of possibility, light the way back to your freedom and power, knowing you came out on top.  Allow your trauma, pain, shame, and discomfort be transformed into a cradle for your growth and rebirth, through vulnerability and courage.





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