TRE® – Tension & Trauma Release

TRE ® – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Do you suffer from ongoing, or acute but severe, stress, anxiety, tension, and or trauma  ?

Have you ever gone through a therapy or counseling session and found yourself still wound up, or feeling stressed out and anxious ??

Or maybe you wonder if the unexplained symptoms you experience will ever be diagnosed and dealt with once and for all.

Do you feel tired of doing all the usual healing techniques of therapy, counseling, self help books, relaxation, meditation, etc etc and still have body tension and symptoms of high stress, discomfort, and or anxiety.

Or maybe you just feel like a tightly wound rope, and no amount of discussing that can shift the physical experience of feeling tense, anxious, or stressed out.

If you can identify with any of the above scenarios, TRE ® could be the missing piece you have been searching for.


TRE ® is a, non-verbal, genetically encoded tremor (shaking) system that all human beings have.  In fact every mammal on the planet has the same system.  Have you ever seem a dog shiver and shake during a big thunder storm??  We humans have the same system.  We humans can in fact heal ourselves.

Typically we only access this system when we are under a great deal of stress, trauma, or fear.  Maybe you have had a close call driving on winter roads and afterwards you found yourself trembling for a while, or you may have been frightened or felt threatened and again the trembling surfaced.  This is our nervous system using our shaking mechanism to discharge excess energy that was provoked during a fear response.  Totally normal, and very effective at getting your body back to a state of calm.

TRE ®, created by Dr. David Berceli PhD, is a series of 7 gentle lower body exercises and stretches designed to activate our shaking mechanism under a deeply restful state.  It is a much different experience than when we shake due to high stress, trauma, or fear.  When we access this genetic system, we are able to release and repair old wounds, complete incomplete trauma and tension experiences, and ultimately heal our body mind and spirit from the inside out.

TRE ® requires no conscious awareness of a traumatic or fearful event, it requires no talking or feeling of old emotions to be effective.  All TRE ® requires is that you be willing.

Quick – TRE ® can be completed in under 30 minutes once your practice is established.

Simple -TRE ® does not require any special environment, equipment, or clothing.

Cost Effective – TRE ® goes directly to the root of the issue, quickly and gently.


Join us at “The Studio Upstairs” on TUESDAY @ 7:30pm in Sylvan Lake Alberta for the weekly group shake.  Or if you prefer to book a private, or semi private, session with me, email me at

Please RSVP at the above email address if you plan to attend the Tuesday night group due to limited space.

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